Our Story

True Routa is a story about a dream of working with the best. It is a story about true friendship shared by common values, passion, drive and willingness to create solutions leading to success stories.

The three partners Jarkko, Pekka and Krushna share a unique history that gradually grew into the realization of wanting to combine efforts for a mutual business, which finally took place in 2020.

For Jarkko and Pekka the story began in Jyväskylä where the two friends met through mutual friends while studying. The cooperation between the two originally started through the foundation of a kickboxing club, which led to a lot of success and championships. Jarkko then pursued international challenges abroad and Pekka successfully ran and developed his family company. After numerous successful years in multiple international projects within IT, digital marketing and strategy at multinational companies Jarkko moved into mentoring. Mentoring within different business fields quickly taught that the one thing uniting all companies and sectors is people. People lead people, and the maturity of companies is defined by the people, their passion and commitment. This was when the idea of a mutual business was validated.

In 2008 Krushna came into the picture. Having completed degrees within Computer Engineering, Law and an MBA in Dubai and Singapore Krushna, who has his roots in India, put his skills into international practice. Having worked as a consultant and at internal positions across sales, finance and IT departments of several MNCs such as UPM, DNB, HCL, IBM, Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services and Finnair, it was one particular assignment that was the changing factor, “connecting people” one might say. Taking on an assignment of enabling the eCommerce project for Nokia gave him the privilege to travel the world and work with cultures across 30 different countries, and as it happened, one of them being Finland.

With nothing less but martial arts being the connecting factor Krushna, Pekka and Jarkko soon bonded. Years and numerous experiences, mutual conferences, fishing and hunting trips later they decided it was time to pursue the dream connecting the three gentlemen, the dream of working with the best.


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